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Eton Blackout Buddy H20 three pack, White

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Eton Blackout Buddy H20


The American Red Cross encourages everyone to be prepared for emergencies and disasters.  Since these events can strike suddenly, individuals and families can make a difference by gathering important emergency supplies, making a plan and being informed.


Being Red Cross Ready is to join the ranks of the millions of people who are preparing themselves today to face and overcome tomorrow’s emergencies.  Simple preparedness actions can equip people with the necessities that can make all the difference should an emergency occur.




• Never get left in the dark again with the Blackout Buddy H2O. This eco-friendly, water-powered emergency light is the ideal alternative to candles and matches.


• Dip the Blackout Buddy H20 in a small cup of water to activate the battery module and light the way. Simply add water once per day to keep the light shining for up to 72 continuous hours*.


• No matter what the forecast, the Blackout Buddy H20 is safe to use—even if submerged in water.


• Thanks to its lightweight, compact design, the Blackout Buddy H20 is easy to stash in your backpack, purse or briefcase. Keep one in the car and one at home for light whenever and wherever you need it.


• The rugged, environment-proof package means you can store it for up to 10 years without degradation.


• The Blackout Buddy H2O’s Magnesium-oxide battery module is free from Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium, and Lead.



*One time use, once activated, the light cannot be turned off