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Polk Magnifi, Voice Optimizing Wireless Soundbar

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Polk Magnifi Voice Optimizing Wireless Soundbar


Voiceoptimizing wireless sound bar system Polk MagniFi Sound Bar with our patent pending Polk VoiceAdjust Technology is the first in our next generation of sound bar and wireless subwoofer systems designed for larger flat panel TVs. VoiceAdjust means that dialog is optimized with clear intelligibility of center channel program material, regardless of where you are sitting in the room. This also means you can hear the voices after hours while your neighbors don't. VoiceAdjust Technology also enables you to control the center channel level as well. Like our other sound bar systems, the MagniFi Sound Bar offers the absolute easiest home theater solution, minus all of the home theater clutter and setup hassles. It is a minimalist design solution for anyone looking for a home theater system that can bring big, enveloping sound to all their TV and movie viewing.




• Voice adjust technology uses an adjustable three element line array with the center driver receiving the greater share of the bandwidth in order to provide clean clear, crisp dialogue, whether you're sitting directly in front of the TV or off to the side

• Music and movie immersion modes tailor the magnify sound bar for a more immersive listening experience

• Polk's exclusive full complement bass drive technology in the bar improves lower midrange, upper bass tonal richness, fast transient response and overall output capability

• Bluetooth wireless technology with apt delivers cd-quality sound from your smartphone, tablet or other compatible device

• Dj stream is the free Polk app that enables up to four connected devices to build and stream music through the magnify sound bar