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Sense Mother Home and Family Monitoring System

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Sense Mother


Mother and the Motion Cookies: smartify everything ! Mother takes care of everything. Mother and her motion cookies are a family of smart versatile sensors that can track, monitor, and notify your family on a number of different activities. Just stick a smart “cookie” sensor on anything around your house which then connects to the central home gateway – Mother.



Simply connect Mother to your internet connection and program the cookie’s activity, Mother then does the rest. You will receive notifications on your smartphone by email or text message when your child comes home from school, the temperature of the living room, how well you slept, how many steps you’ve taken the last week, reminders to take your daily prescription, and then you can review all the complete details and analytics on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Mother is a Simple, Versatile, Complete, Cost Effective, way to enhance your daily life. Here are a few examples:


• Smartify your front door. Stick a Mother sensor on it and it will send you an alert on your phone if somebody tries to break in when you are not home.

• Smartify your regular pill bottle by attaching a Mother sensor on it. Now the pill bottle will detect if you are consistently taking your pills and it will send you a reminder when you forget a dose.

• You can even carry a Mother sensor in your pocket to count the number of steps you make and get encouraged throughout the day to be more active.

• Place a Mother sensor in your kids backpack. And you will be notified when they arrive home safe. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Compatible with NEST




• Alerts you if someone breaks into your home

• Helps you to be more active to stay fit

• Reminds you to take your medicine

• Helps to sleep well and wake up refreshed

• And lots of more Apps