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Trident Kraken AMS Attachment Bike Rail Mount

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Trident Kraken AMS Attachment Bike Rail Mount


Kraken A.M.S. phone case includes a detachable aluminum media stand, providing the option to attach a variety of interchangeable accessories, allowing you to use your device to its full potential. Bike/Rail Mount for Kraken A.M.S. phone cases allows you to mount your mobile device to a bicycle, motorcycle, wheelchair, or other apparatus with a cylinder-shaped frame or post.




• Compatible with Kraken A.M.S. phone cases only.

• Tightening ring loosens and tightens to allow for 360° rotation for custom viewing positions.

• Mounting screws tighten to secure the mount to any bar or rail up to 33mm in diameter and loosen to remove.

• Rubber rings adjust to wrap around any cylindrical frame up to 33mm in diameter.

• For use with bicycles, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, snowmobiles, wheelchairs, hang gliders, or other apparatus having cylinder-shaped frames or posts.