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Trident Perseus


Perseus Series cases are the most light-duty cases we offer, providing protection from minor bumps, scratches and debris.

Perseus is constructed from shock-absorbing TPU to form a durable sleeve, with anti-skid texture. Each Perseus case includes a self-applicable screen protector to help keep your screen safe.

Based in Southern California, Trident Case was founded in May 2010 with the mission to create the toughest cases available for the ever-expanding mobile device market. Trident Case has its own manufacturing facility and in-house design team focused on creative innovation with a determination to offer revolutionary designs.




• Light-duty case provides protection from minor bumps and scratches.

• Anti-skid texture allows for a comfortable grip of your device.

• Self-applicable screen protector provides reliable screen protection.

• Slim design allows it to slide in and out of pockets with ease.

• Perseus A.M.S. is upgradeable to a Kraken A.M.S. case or an Electra Charging case (Perseus is not upgradeable to Kraken A.M.S. case or an Electra Charging case).