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Tru Protection Sony Xperia Z3 clear film

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Tru Protection Clear


Enhance your phone with Trü Protection's screen films. We've developed these high-quality, die-cut films to extend as close as possible to the phone's rounded edges. Featuring a premium clear or glare-free finish, this film guards against smudges, dirt and fingerprints while preserving full touchscreen capability and your phone's high-quality screen display. Our cling adhesion ensures that no sticky residue is left behind once you remove the film. Play it safe, and protect it with Tru Protection.




• High-clarity provides a glass like appearance

• Material: PET

• Hard-coated for scratched and scuff-proof

• Oleo phobic and hydrophobic coating on screen surface, marks and fingerprints are easily wiped away

• No interference with touch screen responsiveness

• Ultra-transparent for true color display

• Smooth texture

• Premium silicone adhesive

• Removes easily without leaving residue